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Lifted Imports is an online resource dedicated to educating people about modifying their car for off-road use. Whether you’re looking for lift kits, wheels, off-road tires, winches, or any other trail gear, we’re trying to bring the best information and help possible. We have a special interest in Subaru and Toyota builds but we love anything with wheels that goes off the beaten path.

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Josh Chose a 2022 WRX as His First Subaru and Lifted it Using Crosstrek Suspension

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Lifting your car can be daunting. Check out articles for ideas and tips before you get started. We have articles to give basic education and even help you pick out wheels, tires, and lift kits.

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A lot of off-road enthusiasts prefer to turn wrenches and install their own lift kits.
But for some of us, we need a helping hand and expert advice. Check out our growing list of shops across the US that can help you build your off-road rig.

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lifted 2008 subaru outback with bfg ko2 off road tires and rotopax