lifted 2020 crosstrek with rear tire carrier

How To Carry Extra Fuel In Your Vehicle: A Helpful Guide

When we’re out in the back country or deep in the forest on service roads, having extra fuel can be a great plan. Most vehicles have an impressive range of about 300-400 miles under normal driving conditions. However, when you load up the car with gear, drive on rough roads, and slowly navigate around dangerous terrain, those numbers drop substantially. For those of us running lift kits and bigger tires, that pulls our gas mileage down even further.

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Muddy subaru forester with all terrain tires

Best Tires for Your Off Road Subaru: A Helpful Guide

Whether you have a brand new Outback, Ascent, Forester, or maybe an older Impreza that needs a little extra grip and off-road capability, there are some good all terrain tire options that many Subaru drivers trust. We’ve tested our fair share of tires and scoured countless reviews online to bring you a list of our favorite all-terrain tires for your Subaru.

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4 Things to Know Before Lifting Your Subaru

If you’re interested in lifting your Subaru, we think you’re onto something great! Subaru owners looking to get additional off-road utility out of their cars should certainly consider lifting for a much more capable vehicle. However, lifting any automobile above its intended ride height, whether with bigger tires, spacers or different suspension, will come with definite changes in the car’s performance — for better and worse.

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