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6 Best Mud Terrain Tires To Help Your Subaru Tackle Serious Trails

Top 6 Mud Tire Picks:

If you’ve taken your Subaru off-road at any point, you’ve definitely recognized the need for grippy tires. Mud terrain tires are the pinnacle of off-road traction. Their knobby tread blocks and aggressive sidewalls give drivers the ability to navigate through sand, snow, mud, and dirt with more confidence.

While there are many different sizes available, this article is focusing on 235/75R15 since it is popular among many off-road Subaru enthusiasts. It is up to the driver as to what size to run, but we wanted to use this size across the board as a base line for weighing certain factors, such as price and heaviness. We want to make sure we’re giving an “apples to apples” comparison.

Accelera M/T-01

(Editor’s Pick For Best Value)

lifted subaru with black rhino boxer wheels and Accelera MT01 tires

If you are looking for an affordable, grippy, aggressive looking mud tire, the Accelera MT01 is our top pick. We’ve tried out a good number of tires and these stood out to us immediately. They tear through snow, mud, and anything else we’ve thrown at them.

We bought them on a whim just to take on a wheeling trip in the snow. Needless to say, we were dumbfounded. We’d never had this much fun in our Subaru. Even with snow up to our doors, these tires helped us continue plowing through.

A number of things really stand out about the MT01:

  • Aggressive sidewall design incorporates huge 1/8th inch embossed lettering for extra grip and protection
  • Lightweight at 34 lbs in 235/75/15
  • Alternating tread blocks with deep sipes that won’t quickly fade with wear
  • Surprisingly quiet on-road experience
  • Most affordable option
  • Stone ejectors between blocks
  • Alternating shoulder scallops
  • Abnormally good performance in deep snow
  • Great styling

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lifted subaru with black rhino boxer wheels and Accelera MT01 tires in the snow
goodyear wrangler duratrac offroad tire for subaru outback

Okay, the Duratrac is technically an all-terrain tire. But it’s aggressive enough and has such a fantastic reputation among even the most hardcore off-roaders that we wanted to put it on our list. It’s that good.

What we like about the Wrangler Duratrac:

  • Comes in 235/75/15
  • Weighs less than 35 lbs
  • Aggressive shoulder patterns
  • Extremely effective off-road grip
  • Excellent rubber compound
  • Very quiet on-road experience without sacrificing off-road performance
  • Cons: More expensive than most other options. But if you have the funds, you need to look into this tire.

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Yokohama has quickly become a favorite tire manufacturer among not only Subaru owners, but off-roaders as a whole. The MT G003 has to be the best looking mud terrain available. The sidewall looks meaner than anything we’ve seen and guards against sidewall punctures.

If you have the funds available, you should look into the Yokohama Geolandar.

This tire is more than just good looking. Here’s everything we like about the Geolandar MT:

  • Most aggressive styling and tread pattern
  • Available in almost every size imaginable
  • Stone ejectors help keep the tires clean of mud and gravel
  • Really wide footprint
  • Deep sipes to help improve grip
  • Sidewall design extends nearly halfway down the tire offering extra protection against punctures
  • Customers have said they balance well
  • Peace of mind using a product with the respected Yokohama reputation

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Subaru forester with a lift kit on federal couragia mt tires and method race wheels

We put about 10,000 miles on a set of these and really enjoyed them. They are super heavy duty. The tread pattern is aggressive and the sidewalls are really thick. The Couragia also has a large bead that will help keep them seated even at low psi levels.

What we like about the Couragia MT:

  • Heavy duty design
  • Great in gravel and sharp rock
  • Does well at low pressure without de-beading
  • Extra tough shoulder
  • Scalloped alternating shoulder tread
  • Clear mud really well
hankook dynapro mt2 mud tire subaru off road

The MT2 is Hankook’s update to the wildly successful MT R03. They changed up the tread pattern to provide more grip, less road noise, and better longevity. The Dynapro line has been trusted among a wide range of enthusiasts. The MT2 is no exception and should be checked out by any Subaru owner that wants something aggressive.

Our first experience with the MT2 was on a snow trip with our friend Caleb who owns a 4 inch lifted bugeye WRX. I was impressed how well they did and the aggressive looks caught our eye.

What we like about the Dynapro:

  • Available in 235/75/15 and other Subaru-friendly sizes
  • Chunky tread blocks help dig in to slick terrain
  • Sidewall design is aggressive to help protect against punctures and looks great
  • Alternating tread design cuts down on road noise
  • Strong bead helps keep tires mounted even at low pressure
  • Extra tough belt design helps maintain good steering ability
  • Stone ejectors to help clear rocks and mud from the tread

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Lifted impreza in the shop

The BFGoodrich off-road line has become the gold standard for many hardcore wheelers. When they released the KM3, we were really excited that they adopted the shoulder pattern from the all-terrain KO2. It looks great, can handle serious abuse, and comes with the backing of BFG’s warranty and quality control.

What we like about the KM3:

  • Available in a huge variety of sizes popular within the Subaru community
  • 8 ply construction designed to withstand the most harsh abuse
  • Specialized tread compound offers fantastic grip in off-road conditions
  • Mud clearing bars between tread blocks to help self-clean
  • Heavy duty sipes on the blocks that run deep and won’t quickly fade with age
  • Siping to help evacuate water and mud
  • Core Guard technology offers a much stronger sidewall
  • Can be aired down to extremely low psi for sand/snow/mud use
  • Classic BFG styling looks great on any car

Cons: Costs more than most other options, heavy, and commonly known to be loud on pavement. But this is all to be expected with a heavy-duty mud terrain.

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