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Need Help Choosing The Right Parts For Your Offroad Subaru Build?

Selecting the right parts to install on your Subaru can feel a little overwhelming. If you feel stuck or just need to bounce some ideas around, we’re here to help.

Fill out the form below and one of us will review your info and then send you a personalized recommendation free of charge. This is our way of helping other enthusiasts make the best choices possible and avoid some of the pitfalls that cost us thousands of dollars in the beginning.

Things We Can Help With:


Lift Kits



Curious about a certain set of tires? Need to know if a specific lift kit will be right for your adventures? Not sure what wheels or offroad accessories you should look into? We can offer recommendations based off of our personal experience to help point you in the best direction.

We’ve spent years and thousands of dollars building our own cars and would be more than happy to share that experience with you.

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Take Your Adventure To The Next Level

Disclaimer: All modifications should be performed by a trained professional. Lifted Imports cannot be held liable for anything you choose to do to your vehicle. The user assumes all responsibility for any outcomes related to vehicle modification.