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lifted 2008 subaru outback with bfg ko2 off road tires and rotopax

9 Unique Off-Road Subaru Wheels That You Haven't Seen 1000 Times...Yet

Our Top Picks For Lesser Known Wheel Designs

By Ben Boxer

Last updated on March 17th, 2024

Many times, things that are popular in the automotive industry are well known for a reason. It’s usually a sign of high quality and good function. In the same way that Subarus are seen on almost every street corner in major cities and have a high resale value because of their quality, most of the common wheels that you see on lifted Subarus are also popular for a reason. We really like Method MR502 and 501’s. The Sparco Terra wheels look and function great. The KMC Bully’s also look fantastic and are extremely tough. But what if you want a wheel that’s also just as good but maybe not as common?

Not only are these 9 wheels built with high quality in mind, but are made to fit our Subarus perfectly. Not to mention you’re almost guaranteed to be the only one running them on the trail.

Our Favorite unique Off-road wheels for Subaru:

NOTE: When looking at these wheels, remember that most of them are available in both 5×100 and 5×114.3 and you’ll want to be sure to select the right one for your Subaru. If you’re not sure which bolt pattern you have, check to see which one you need!

Unique 6-Spoke Styling With An Off-Road Twist

Strong, Tuner-Inspired Design Created For Crossovers

A premium option from Method Race Wheels For Serious Off-roading

Tough, Aggressive, and Capable Without Sacrificing Aesthetics

Aggressive, Functional Design With unique styling

A good-looking option for keeping your car riding on all 4 wheels in the backcountry.

Get them here:

Our favorite pick for unique styling and functional performance

4. F44 Offroad - CM101 Wheels

f44 off road cm101 subaru rally wheels for lifted subaru

A modern take on classic design

A Sporty Look with wheeler -inspired accents

You don't have to choose between style and function with the Arches

One of the best looking multi spoke rally inspired wheels

Rally inspired looks meet off-road technology

“The Sandstorm Rotary Forged® Wheel is manufactured using a highly advanced production technique called Rotary Forging. The rim of the wheels is forged at high pressure while the wheel is spun at high speed. This alters the molecular structure and enhances the strength of the alloy. The benefit is a much lighter weight than a regular cast wheel. Most importantly, the weight saving is in the outer rim of the wheel which dramatically reduces rotational mass and enhances vehicle performance.”

If you want a unique wheel that can handle serious abuse, please check these out!

A unique, heavy-duty option for all types of driving

A full-face wheel that's ready for anything

The Integrale Gravel is specifically targeted at the Subaru Off-road community. The 15×7 dimensions allow for the higher profile, meatier tires that are desired for off-road use while purposeful engineering ensure that brake clearance would not be an issue. With adventure and performance at the forefront of our mission, we knew the wheel would have to stand up to the abuse. With both the design aesthetic and functional aspects of a classic rally wheel, the Integrale Gravel will stand out as one of the best options for a Subaru that seeks the outdoors.

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The Meanest looking wheel we've ever seen

Military style design made for all Subaru models

“The Black Rhino Unit is a new wheel style catered towards SUV wheel and crossover wheel applications. Building on the popularity of the Black Rhino Boxer and Black Rhino Rumble for the Subaru Crosstrek wheels, Subaru Forester wheels, and Subaru Outback wheels, the Unit is offered in 5×100 and 5×114.3 fitments for the aggressive off-road truck or overlander. 5×120 fitments are also offered to fit a wider range of off-road SUVs and crossovers. Standard finishes on the Unit are Dark Bronze and Matte Black for all sizes and fitments.”

Best Affordable Wheel With Perfect Fitment For Subarus

Easily fits most Subarus with no additional parts

While Mayhem has been around for awhile, it is a fairly new brand to enter the Subaru community. They’ve introduced the 8303 as a really solid option for someone looking to get a quality wheel without spending an arm and a leg.

The design of the Voyager is perfect for trail us. It has a sporty appearance but still keeps debris away from the brakes with the well-covered face. I really appreciate the deep lip and aggressive spokes. It’s also worth noting that the 15×7 option weighs only 22lb and has a 1650lb load rating.

At under $180 a piece in the 15×7 sizing, the Mayhem Voyager may be the best current option for someone who’s building a true Subaru trail rig on a budget. You’ll notice that they are available in 5×100 and 5×114.3 bolt patterns which is great for both older and newer Subaru owners. The 15×7 5×100 configuration also comes pre-drilled with a 56.1mm hub bore. This means you’ll be ready to go right out of the box. No need for hub-centric rings to fit them to your car.

I really like the overall look and price point for this wheel. I think it’s a top contender.

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