Convenient Spare Tire Storage - Best Rear Tire Carriers For Subaru

If you’ve been considering a rear tire carrier for your Subaru, it can offer a few benefits that you may want to take advantage of. It can allow you to carry an oversized spare, free up interior space, and even help prevent neck injuries.

These Are Our Top 3 Rear Tire Carrier Picks For Subaru:

  1. RIGd Ultraswing Tire Carrier
  2. Wilco Hitchgate Solo Hi-Clearance
  3. Curt c31006 Hitch Mounted Carrier

Why You Should Consider Getting A Rear Hitch Mounted Tire Carrier:

    • More interior space
    • Easy installation
    • Safer accessibility
    • Allows for tidy storage of larger aftermarket tires that don’t fit in the spare tire area
    • Helps your vehicle retain a safe center of gravity
    • Creates an aggressive look that most off road enthusiasts enjoy
    • Many carriers have attachments that allow you to store extra accessories


If you are lifted and have oversized tires installed on your vehicle, you no doubt have noticed that your new spare no longer fits under the rear compartment. You’ve probably resorted to storing it in your trunk or on your roof rack. Maybe you’re even one of the daring individuals who doesn’t have a spare on hand at all. Luckily, a hitch mounted tire carrier can solve these issues for you with almost no install time.

Rear Tire Carriers Provide More Safety

One of the main reasons we like rear mounted carriers is the natural center of gravity that it allows for. It’s not uncommon for an all terrain tire to weigh between 30-50 pounds. When you add a 20-25lb wheel, you’ve got a lot of weight in one spare tire. If you strap this tire to your roof, it can add substantially to the body roll that many of us experience in lifted vehicles. This is especially true if you’ve removed your sway bars. A rear tire carrier can help alleviate some of this unwanted roll and makes your vehicle much safer to drive. It is probably unlikely, but that extra weight can increase your chances of a rollover in certain situations.

Subaru WRX with spare tire carrier

Less Risk Of Back & Neck Injuries

It’s also important to think about how difficult it could be to retrieve a spare tire from the roof of your car in an adverse situation. For some of us that have experienced back pain, lifting something overhead like this can be dangerous and uncomfortable. Imagine pulling down a 65lb spare tire, installing it, and then having to lift the old one back up after you’re done. Not a fun time – especially if you’re trying not to scratch your car’s paint up (don’t piss the wife off by scuffing the Outback.)


It’s also important to remember that securing your gear, whether inside or outside the car, may actually save your life in the event of a collision or rollover. Imagine your kids getting hit in the back of the head with an oversized all-terrain tire that’s stored in the rear cargo area. Not a good thought at all.


So what should you buy? There are a few great options. It will most likely come down to price for most people. However, it is important to consider weight, craftsmanship, and fitment. These carriers fit Subaru’s pretty well and are built with quality in mind.

RigD ultraswing rear tire carrier for off road vehicles
Photo: Property of RIGd

Best Heavy Duty Option For Extra Safety & Security

RIGd UltraSwing Carrier

The Ultraswing is a beefy tire carrier that boasts RIGd’s anti-wobble design and a lifetime warranty. While it is a little heavier than some carriers (around 70lbs) there is a good reason for it. The RIGd product line is comprised of extremely stout carriers that feature their anti-wobble design and are built right here in the USA.

The Ultraswing also provides an integrated license plate relocation mount, and is able to support 250 lbs of cargo. This carrier is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a heavy duty option and isn’t afraid to spend extra coin. If you have an extremely oversized tire setup, this may be the best carrier to choose.

If you want to see how this tire carrier looks on a Subaru, head over and check out this lifted WRX hatchback!

Check out this helpful video from Luke, the founder of RIGd Supply. He shows how the UltraSwing functions on a Subaru and gives a good overview of the features.

Wilco Hitchgate Rear tire carrier for SUV's and Subaru
Photo: Property of Wilco

Great Overall Value & Lightweight Construction

The Wilco Hitchgate is an extremely lightweight, easily installed swinging rear tire carrier. Wilco has been making fantastic products for years and this carrier is no exception. At only 54lbs. The Hitchgate Hi Clearance is the perfect option for small SUV’s and lifted sedans. For anyone looking to get the perfect blend of performance, price, and quality, this is the way to go.

Curt Rear tire carrier
Photo: Property of Curt

Best Budget Option Without Sacrificing Quality

The Curt C31006 mount is simple, cheap, and very easy to install. If you want to get your spare tire mounted without spending a ton of money, the Curt mount will allow you to do that. It may be slightly harder to get a good fitment and it does not swing out of the way. However, at almost a tenth of the price of the other options, you may want to take a look at it.

Hopefully this list has given you a good starting point. If you want the safety and convenience of having a rear tire carrier, pull the trigger on one today and get it mounted ASAP. Each of these options are very easy to install and will perform well.



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