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8 Helpful uses for a trailer hitch

(Plus our top picks for the best hitches made for subarus)

Yes, a hitch is necessary if you want to hook a small trailer up to your Subaru. But that’s not where the usefulness ends. A trailer hitch can be used for mounting a wide range of extremely helpful products. Things such as tire carriers, bike racks, and hitch mount winches can be interchanged with ease as needed.

We’ll discuss some of the best things you can use a trailer hitch for and which ones to consider for your Subaru. 

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Our Top Picks For Trailer Hitches That Fit Subarus

  1. Curt
  2. Stealth Hitches
  3. Draw-Tite
  4. Torklift
  5. Husky

Best Uses For a Trailer Hitch On Your Subaru

  • Hitch mounted cargo carriers
  • Towing small trailers
  • Towing basic campers
  • Hitch mounted winch (having a rear winch is extremely helpful)
  • Can be used to attach a shackle bracket for a true, safe recovery point
  • Rear mounted tire carrier
  • Bike carrier
  • I have even placed a bottle jack under my hitch to lift the car up while attempting to self-recover

Can You Use A Trailer Hitch As A Recovery Point?

One of my favorite uses for a hitch is to safely recover your vehicle. Many folks try to use the factory tie down points, but they are not rated for snatching and can result in serious injury. Instead, a hitch mounted recovery shackle can be quickly installed and used to pull your Subaru out of even a deep bogged position.


Please keep in mind that pulling out your car from the hitch ball is also NOT the proper way to recover a vehicle. This is extremely dangerous and can result in death. There is no way to fully secure a recovery strap to them, and they can break becoming a high-powered projectile. Sadly, people have died while doing this. Please please please avoid using the hitch ball as a recovery point. 

The Right Way To Use A Hitch To Recover A Vehicle:

This type of attachment is one of the safest ways to recover a Subaru from the rear if you have a hitch.

rhino usa hitch mount recovery point

You also do not want to use the safety chain loops as a recovery point. Unless otherwise noted, these are not rated for recovery and may break under load.


I have also used the main portion of a trailer hitch to jack my car up out of deep snow after getting high-centered. I used a bottle jack to lift the car and then placed my traction boards under the wheels to get myself out in under 5 minutes. I’m not recommending that you try this, I’m only telling you what I did. I experienced no issues when doing it. I simply used a jack pad to guard the hitch and to give the jack grip against the painted surface.

Notice how this Jeep has a hitch mounted recovery shackle attached to the trailer hitch. Using a D-Ring and a quality recovery strap like theirs, you can get yourself out of almost anything with the help of a trail buddy.

Best Trailer Hitches For Subarus

Best Overall Value For The Money

Curt hitches are the Easy install options. Typically they require no drilling and we really like how many of their hitches have a concealed main body.

In most cases, a Curt hitch will run between $200-300. So if budget is of concern to you but you don’t want to sacrifice quality, this is the hitch for you.

Get One Online:

“Money No Object” Best Hitch Option

The Stealth hitches are completely hidden from sight when not in use. They allow your Subaru to continue looking fantastic. The install process is a little challenging but nothing much harder than other hitches.

We really like how the Stealth system allows you to remove the lower part of the hitch when not in use. This just looks cleaner and allows for more ground clearance when you’re not towing.

If you want to get one of the best hitches available and your budget allows, check these out.

Subaru outback XT with trailer hitch (1)

In this photo from the Stealth website, you can see how good the hitch looks when the lower portion is removed.

Get One Online:

drawtite subaru trailer hitch (1)

Affordable, But Very Well Finished Option

The Drawtite hitches look great and get the job done without costing a ton of money. Each kit will come with everything you need for mounting.

Install time on most Subaru’s is roughly an hour. So it’s quick and relatively straightforward. However, most of their hitches will require you to do a little drilling.

The average price is between $165-200 so they are the perfect budget option.

Things to know: These hitches are not concealed behind the bumper. They hang down and are slightly visible when not in use.

Get One Online:

High Quality Hitch Produced By A Family Owned Company

The EcoHitch is made by a family-owned American company based in the Seattle area.

They make hitches for multiple Subaru models and they have a reputation for building high quality products. The craftsmanship and weld quality is on point.

Their hitches are also very low profile. The tubing is hidden behind the bumper fascia with only the small receiver being visible.

Get One Online:

Subaru Crosstrek Tow Hitch (1)

Very Affordable Hitch That’s Widely Available

The Husky Towing company makes a hitch for just about every Subaru model out there.

Depending on the model that you own, you may want to anticipate some basic drilling. But each hitch has accompanying install instructions on the Husky site.

They’re not hidden hitches. So if being discreet is a concern for you, this might not be the right option. Otherwise, this is a great company to check out.

Get One Online:

Disclaimer: Lifted Imports cannot be held responsible for any modifications made to your vehicle or any negative outcomes you may experience. Please consult with a professional before installing any aftermarket parts on your car and before making any modifications.


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