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Many Subaru drivers have found that they can fit a 29 inch tire on their car without cutting fenders or sacrificing too much low end power. Most All-Terrain 235/75/15 tires measure at right around 28.8 inches in diameter and allow us to get extra clearance and off-road capability without rubbing or having to trim too much. 

First Things First: Why Size Down To 15 Inch?

Many cars come stock with at least a 16 inch wheel; most new vehicles come equipped with wheels as big as 18 inches. However, many off-road enthusiasts prefer to size down to a 15 inch wheel which allows for more tire “meat” in the overall diameter. This gives more sidewall flex which can be optimal for more rigorous off-road use, and offers a smoother ride over bumps. There is also a wider selection of all-terrain tires in 15 inch. The following list should help get you started as you begin your research for a new set. Check it out below and keep scrolling for more information on each tire.

All-Terrain tires that are available in 235/75/15:

  • Hankook Dynapro AT-M (RF10)
  • BFGoodrich K02
  • Falken WildPeak A/T3W
  • Cooper Discoverer AT3
  • Yokohama Geolandar AT G015
  • General Grabber ATX
  • Toyo Open Country AT II

Keep scrolling down for more info on each of these tires.

WAIT!!! Before you continue, please keep in mind:

Unfortunately, most of the of the brake components on many vehicles make it hard to fit a 15 inch wheel. If you plan to go with a smaller wheel and are having issues fitting wheels, you may need to consider using a set of hub centric wheel spacers. (Are wheel spacers safe? Check this article out to learn how to properly buy and install wheel spacers.)

Hankook Dynapro

This tire is a fantastic all-terrain option. With the 235/75/15 option coming in at 28.8 inches in diameter, and weighing only 31.9 pounds, the Dynapro is a lofty contender. A tough sidewall design, aggressive sipes, and a chunky tread pattern, make this tire a no-brainer for overland enthusiasts or anyone looking to get more out of their car.

These tires do very well in rain, snow, dirt and gravel. Unlike most all-terrains, they are surprisingly quiet at highway speeds.

Check out this great review of the Dynapro:

YouTube video


In 235/75/15 the Dynapro:

  • Weighs 31.9 pounds
  • Is roughly 28.8 inches in diameter
  • Can be purchased for under $125

Click below to get Free shipping on the DynaPro from Hankook on Amazon:

hankook dynapro all terrain tire 235/75/15

BFGoodrich T/A K02

The K02 is one of the most respected all-terrain tires across many different car communities. Ford and Jeep use them as OEM tires on the their higher performance vehicles.

The 235/75/15 model measures out at 28.9 inches in diameter and weighs 36.5 pounds. It is a little heavier than some of the competition, but it boasts impressive features; CoreGard™ technology that provides unrivaled sidewall durability, locking 3D sipes, serrated shoulder pattern to give traction in mud, gravel, and snow.

The K02 is 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Rated. This means that it meets a higher acceleration traction requirement on medium packed snow. You can rest easy knowing that if you encounter snow, you’ll be able to handle it. Note: 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake tires are NOT meant to substitute a dedicated winter tire where snow tires are necessary.

For the common user, one of the biggest benefits of these tires is the ride comfort that is still present even with the extremely aggressive tread pattern. You don’t have to sacrifice a comfortable ride to get dirty on the weekend.


In 235/75/15 the K02:

  • Weighs 36.5 pounds
  • Is 28.9 inches in diameter
  • Can be purchased for around $145

BFGoodrich is currently offering free shipping on the KO2. Click the photo to grab a set:

BFGoodrich ko2 TA all terrain tire 235/75/15

Falken WildPeak A/T3W

Whether you find yourself tackling snow, mud, gravel, or dirt, the Falken WildPeak will give you the capability you need to get to your destination.

If you’re looking for dependability, Falken has delivered a superior product. The WildPeak brings multiple head dissipation technologies to the table. It features an additional bead apex that helps reduce internal heat and protects internal materials. They also integrated heat diffuser technology into the lower sidewall; allowing for extra durability even under heavy load.

Like the K02, this tire also features the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating. So if you are someone that enjoys a little snow, the WildPeak will help get you to the lodge and back home safely.

When purchased in 235/75/15 the WildPeak weighs in at 35 pounds and has an overall diameter of 28.9 inches. If your Outback, Crosstrek, or Forester needs a good all around aggressive tire, check out the Falken WildPeak.


In 235/75/15 the WildPeak:

  • Weighs 35.1 pounds
  • Is 28.9 inches in diameter
  • Can be purchased for under $105

Falken occasionally offers free shipping on the WildPeak. Click the photo to see if they’re currently offering a sale:
Falken wildpeak all terrain tire 235/75/15

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

The Discoverer provides on-road luxury without sacrificing off-road durability and performance. The Secure-Grip all terrain tread design was developed by Cooper to deliver both wet and dry traction.

The aggressive tread and sidewall pattern allows for excellent performance on the trails. When you need your tire to dig in and pull you out of that mud pit, the Discoverer has what it takes.

Cooper maximized the snow performance of the AT3 4S by adding their patented saw tooth tread technology. It cuts in to the snow, providing excellent traction in slippery mountain conditions. If you find yourself caught in a snowstorm, the Discoverer will help you get home safely!

When you find yourself driving in the city, the Discoverer won’t ruin your ride. It manages to maintain a quiet ride on pavement.


In 235/75/15 the Discoverer AT3 4S

  • Weighs 31 pounds
  • Measures 28.7 inches in diameter
  • Can usually be found for under $120 per corner

Click the photo below to get free shipping from Cooper on the Discoverer:
Cooper Discoverer all terrain tire 235/75/15


Yokohama Geolandar AT G015

The Geolandar AT was developed for those looking to buy one tire for all their needs. Whether you’re looking for a mean looking tire to complete your car’s look and get you around town, or you are actually planning to push your car to the limits on the trails, the Geolandar can handle it.

The Enduro Compound that Yokohama has developed allows the tire to resist wear for much longer than the average tire. They stand behind this claim by offering a 50k mile warranty against treadwear.


In 235/75/15 the Geolandar AT G015:

  • Weighs 32.9 pounds
  • Has an overall diameter of 29 inches
  • Comes with a 50k mile warranty

These guys put the Geolandar on an old Toyota and hit the trails. See how they held up.

YouTube video

Click the photo to check Yokohama’s current price on the Geolandar:
yokohama geolandar 235/75/15


General Grabber ATX

The Grabber is a great daily driver tire that hangs with the best of them off-road. The Duragen Technology makes the Grabber resistant to cuts and chips while still maintaining pliability in the cold winter months.

General Tire designed a five row tread pattern to allow for grip in all directions and to provide maximum traction when put against snow, mud, and dirt. The alternating shoulder scoops also help give more grip and protection when dealing with rocky surfaces and extreme off-road conditions.

General Tire’s Comfort Balance Technology lets the ATX be as comfortable on-road as it is capable off-road. Passengers can enjoy a quiet, pleasant experience while you enjoy the comfort of knowing you can get anywhere you need to.

These guys put 25k miles on the Grabbers. See what they thought:

YouTube video


In 235/75/15 the Grabber ATX:

  • Is 28.9 inches in diameter
  • Weighs 36.7 pounds
  • Is 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake rated
  • Can usually be purchased for right around $132 per tire

Click here to see the current offers on the General Grabber:

General Grabber atx 235/75/15

Toyo Open Country AT II

The Open Country handles very well on and off road. If you want a tire that looks great, does fantastic off-road, and still handles comfortably on the street, Toyo has developed a great tire. We have personally tested these tires and they perform excellent in various conditions.

The off-road capability of the Open Country is world class. It features an aggressive sidewall and tread pattern with rock ejecting blocks that give all the traction and grip needed without forcing you to carry out an extra 2 pounds of rocks with you.

We’ve also taken the Open Country on long highway trips. The ride was comfortable and quiet, and they handled really well even on a lifted Subaru.

At right under $130 a piece, you can’t beat the performance, durability and comfort of the Toyo Open Country. They look awesome and perform just as well.


In 235/75/15 the Toyo Open Country AT II:

  • Measures at 28.9 inches in diameter
  • Can usually be purchased for under $130 per tire
  • Comes with an up to 65k Mile warranty

Check the latest price on the Open Country by clicking the photo below:

Toyo Open Country 235/75/15 Tire

Measure First

Don’t forget to research and take measurements before ordering your tires. If you’re planning to buy a new set of wheels, consider their offset and make sure they’ll allow you to fit a bigger tire over the brakes. Keep in mind that many all-terrain tires require minor trimming of splash guards and fenders in order to eliminate rubbing. You may also need wheel spacers to accommodate your new tires.

Always remember to work with a professional if you have any doubts about fitting a larger tire.

Hopefully this list gives you a place to start as you begin your research. Thanks for checking it out!


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