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Our Favorite Accessories For Newer Foresters

Easily installed right at home

If you’ve just purchased your SK Forester and you want to get started modifying it, these are some great options. Most of these can be installed really easily without devaluing the car or even visiting a mechanic. They’re the perfect way to begin making your Subaru feel more unique and functional.

Top 8 Accessories For 2019-2021 Forester:

  1. All-terrain tires
  2. Husky floor liners
  3. LP Aventure bumper guard
  4. Center console liners
  5. Skid plates
  6. Bug shield
  7. Rain guards
  8. Fuse box coin holder

Editor’s Pick:
All-Terrain Tires

Toyo Open Country Tire for lifted subaru or 4runner

You no doubt purchased a Forester partly due to the safety, rugged reputation and the overall performance in adverse conditions.

One of the first things we do when purchasing a new car is replace the tires with a more capable option.

The Toyo Open Country AT3 is 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake rated for cold weather and provides the ability to tackle all sorts of terrain.

They produce this tire in stock sizes for the SK Forester. You can easily purchase a 225/55R18 if you own a Limited, Sport, or Touring trim, and a 225/60R17 if you own a base or Premium trim.

Get a set online:

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Husky All-Weather Floor Liners

Husky Floor liners for subaru forester 2019

One of the first things you may want to consider getting for your Forester is a good set of all-weather floor mats. There are a lot of good options out there, but we really like the Husky brand liners. They have a tray shape that captures not just dirt, but mud, water, and even….coffee. The way they extend really high up past the floor means that they prevent anything from spilling over onto the carpet.

For the price of the Husky mats, you get the best possible product available.

Get a set online:

See Current Prices:

(TIP: buy the front and back liner pack for a huge discount. You’ll typically save about $50 bucks if you get the bundle.)

LP Aventure Front Bumper Guard

Photo: LP Aventure

A front bumper guard might require a little bit of elbow grease and some tools. But it can really transform the look of your Forester to be more aggressive.

In addition to looking great, it can help protect your Forester from unnecessary trail damage. This is especially important for anyone who is leasing or trying to preserve the paint quality of the vehicle.

Get one online:

See Current Prices:

(TIP: We found the retail price straight from LP Aventure to be cheaper. However, Tire Rack offers free shipping on this item which saved us about $100 USD.)

Center Console Liners

cupholderhero console liners for Subaru Forester accessories

Whether you take your Forester off-road or just use it to commute in the city, these CupHolderHero liners are probably the best possible accessory you can get for under $35 bucks.

They can make cleaning a breeze and even prevent permanent scratching.

Get them online:

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Skid Plates


If you plan to take your car off of the paved roads, this is the first item you need to purchase. We’ve been running skid plates on our Subarus and love the added peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t pancake your oil pan on an unexpected object. They’ve saved our butt more than once.

We recommend a front skid plate and a transmission pan skid plate at the very least. Many people overlook the CVT plate but if you bash the delicate components inside, you’ll be stuck until someone can tow the vehicle out.

Primitive Racing and LP Aventure both make great options for the SK Forester. But keep in mind that the LP Aventure plates require the front bumper guard.

Get them online:

See Current Prices:

Bug Shield

2021 subaru forester hood shield

Hood guards are wildly controversial accessories. Some people say they’re a waste of money and don’t do anything. However, we really like them. We’ve never had a rock directly hit our windshield with one installed.

They are designed to divert airflow up and over the vehicle. This allows bugs and debris to be redirected over the top of your car instead of straight into your hood or windshield.

Personally, we like the way to look as well.

Get one online:

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Rain Guards

2020 forester rain guards

A set of rain guards for your Subaru is one of the most convenient items you can buy. They’re super easy to install right in your driveway and they allow you to keep the windows cracked during wet weather without having water drip right into the car. There’s nothing worse than foggy windows and musty seats after a long hike or a workout on a rainy day.

They also give you the ability to leave the window down slightly without letting bugs inside the car.

Get a set:

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Fuse Box Coin Holder

subaru forester fuse box coin holder

This is one of the biggest missed opportunities on Subarus. These nifty little coin boxes replaces the stock fuse cover to create a handy spot for storage.

You can keep money for toll roads, or a small packet of emergency fuses in it.

Get one online:

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