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Best Toyota Highlander Lift Kits

Lifting your highlander doesn't have to cost a fortune

Lifting a Toyota Highlander is the first step towards making it more capable and more safe for off-road excursions. Extra ground clearance not only means you can navigate snow, mud, and rocks more effectively, but it allows you to fit a larger, more aggressive tire under your Toyota. However, shopping for the right kit can be overwhelming. If you’re not sure who some of the main contenders are, this article will help get you oriented as you select your Highlander’s next major upgrade.

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What Are The Most Common Ways To Lift A Highlander?

With most 4×4’s there are a few ways to get extra inches under your rig. Some are simple, and some are a little more involved. However, with unibody SUV’s like the Highlander, there are less options available. Here are the 3 most common ways to add extra lift to your Highlander:

  • Bigger tires
  • Strut spacer lift kits 
  • Lift springs

Getting bigger all-terrain tires is one quick way to add an aggressive look and some additional ground clearance. However, you can only go so big without doing more work to your vehicle – sometimes cutting fenders etc. Make sure to take measurements and even test fit a friends tires before installing something bigger. You might also consider lift springs or lift spacers. These both add lift at the vehicles suspension. Some folks even choose to do a combination of both spacers and springs.

Best Overall Value:

Torq Engineering Highlander Lift Kits

Torq Engineering lift kits stand out to us for the simple fact that they really are the perfect balance of affordability, quality, and accessibility. They produce their kits not just in the USA, but actually in-house. The production process is not outsourced, but is instead done at their own facility right in Utah. This means that customers are going to get a top-notch lift kit and fantastic customer service.

We talked with multiple Toyota owners who installed a TE kit on their car. Each of them were impressed with the overall quality and were very happy with the price they paid. Some folks are even running 31 inch tires using this kit.


  • USA manufactured
  • Powder coated to protect against rust
  • All necessary hardware included
  • Can be installed easily by most shops
  • Fabricated using 1/4″ and 3/16″ Mild Steel, and machined billet aluminum
  • Can usually be purchased for under $300
  • Maintains factory suspension geometry

Best Affordable Fully Loaded Lift Kit:

Rough Country Spacer Kit

While some folks may have reservations about putting Rough Country lifts on their Jeeps, for lighter off road applications, they’re just fine. We’re very impressed with the completeness of their kit. It has sway bar relocation brackets, lower control arm brackets, and upper control arm replacements.

If you own a 2020 or newer Highlander and don’t feel comfortable spending an arm and a leg, this might be the way to go.

Industry Leading Quality:

Northwoods Lift Kit

Northwoods has been producing fantastic Toyota lift kits for almost a decade now. They’re one of the first companies to bring a well-marketed, high quality RAV4 lift kit to us. And now, they’re offering kits for the Highlander as well.

We really like that they include extended sway bar links and built-in camber correction to help maintain a perfect factory ride.

They currently only offer kits for up to 2013 Highlanders. But we suspect that they will begin manufacturing kits for newer models in the future.


  • US based manufacturing
  • Family owned business
  • High quality welds
  • Powder coated steel for rust prevention
  • Extended sway bar links
  • Easy rear spacer installation – doesn’t require a spring compressor

Good Option For 2014-2019 Highlanders

Readylift Spacer Kit

Readylift has been making parts for Jeeps, F150’s, and other 4×4’s for a long time. Recently they’ve ventured out into the CUV and light SUV market. Their Highlander lift kit is a great option for anyone who owns a 2014-’19 and needs something that won’t break the bank. While their site lists the MSRP at $430, they can often be found on sale on for a really good price (we’ve seen them as cheap as $255 on there.)

They currently only offer kits for 3rd gen Highlanders. So if you’re looking for something to fit a newer or older model, you’ll want to shop around.


  • Allows for up to a 255/65-17 tire on a 17×8 +38mm wheel with no additional modification
  • Powder coated steel for rust prevention
  • Sway bar extensions
  • Rear shock relocation brackets
  • Made in the USA