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full throttle ft410 battery review

Battery Review: The FT410 HasExceeded My Expectation For Over 2 Years

By Ben Boxer

I first caught on to Full River Battery’s performance line a few years ago when I began looking for a good alternative to Optima batteries. I wanted something reliable that wouldn’t leave me stranded while still being affordable. I landed on the Full Throttle line and have been extremely pleased ever since.

After enjoying an FT battery in my offroad Subaru, I eventually decided it was time to upgrade my daily drive to an AGM battery for the extreme climate I live in. The Full Throttle FT410 stood out as a powerhouse in a small package. This particular battery is popular among UTV owners who need something reliable but it fit my needs perfectly.

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Power Specs:

The FT410 has impressive specifications: a Pulse Hot Cranking Amps (PHCA) of 925, Cranking Amps (MCA) of 530, and Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of 410. While this vehicle isn’t necessarily used for anything performance related, I wanted to make sure that the battery would offer more than enough power to remain functional for years to come. 

My philosophy is to build things that can do what I need them to do comfortably at 75% of their full potential. By over outfitting my cars with good parts, I’ve enjoyed lots of failure-free miles.

Not only are the specs great, but the practical performance of the battery has absolutely been better than expected. I let this car sit for three months in 2022 during the winter. I assumed I would need to put it on the battery charger to get the Subaru started. However, I hopped in and she cranked right over without hesitation.

Perfect Size For Saving Space:

The dimensions of the Full Throttle FT410 are as follows: Length – 6.5 inches (165 mm), Width – 6.93 inches (176 mm), and Height – 5.67 inches (144 mm).

While I wasn’t necessarily concerned with the size of the battery, the fact that it provides so much power in a small package is impressive. For those who are trying to reserve space in their engine bay, the smaller footprint of the battery is great. The original group 35 battery for this car is 540 cubic inches. But the FT410 is only 250 cubic inches which makes it less than half the overall volume under the hood.

The new battery is also substantially lighter at only 23 lbs. The group 35 replacements come in at around 35-36 lbs.

subaru legacy with a full throttle ft410 battery


In the two years that I’ve owned this battery, it has been fully discharged three times. I’ve had passengers leave the interior light on accidentally which killed the battery. I’ve also accidentally left lights on in the car as well. Typically, this will damage a battery but after putting the FT410 on the charger, it started right up and still holds a charge.

The Full Throttle battery that I have in my Jeep is slightly larger than this one. But I’ve used it to run a large winch and have subjected it to large amounts of vibration with zero problems. I’ve even had the battery fully submerged in water for 30 minutes during one offroad trip.

Extreme Weather Perfomance:

I live in an area where we routinely hit -10 F in the winter and 110 F in the summer. Needless to say, this usually brings out the weakness in lots of car parts – particularly batteries. Despite these conditions, the battery has yet to fail even on the coldest days.

There’s been times where I’ve needed to start the Subaru in -15 F weather in December. Even without being on a battery tender, the car started right up. I usually do try to periodically check the battery and put it on a tender if the car will be sitting for a few days. However, I have left the car at the airport in the middle of winter during a work trip for over a week and didn’t think twice about whether it would start or not.

How I Mounted It:

mele design battery mount

With the FT410 being so much smaller than the stock battery, I needed a good way to mount it securely. So I settled on using a MeLe Design Firm mount to install it properly in the stock battery area.

I’m not a fan of the J hook mounts that come in Subarus. They are a hassle to install since you have to reach down and fish the hook down into the hole. Then you have to use a deep well socket to tighten the 10mm nuts all the way down.

Additionally, the traditional battery tie downs put concentrated pressure on the battery casing which can eventually lead to deformation and ultimately failure. The MeLe mounts that I’ve started using on all my cars don’t put any pressure on the battery but they hold them firmly in place.

My mount was a direct fit option for the 05-09 Legacy/Outback and took about 10 minutes to install. I couldn’t be any happier with how it turned out.

noco battery charger in use

If you need a solid battery that will save you money in the long run, the Full Throttle FT410 is a really good option. Whether you need something for your daily driver, a fully built track car, or even a rock crawler, Full Throttle has been one of the most durable battery brands I’ve ever used.