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Helping Subaru Enthusiasts Get The Most Out Of Their Off-Road Build

Lifted Imports was born out of the desire to use our cars to see more of the world’s beauty. We’re just regular people that grew up snowboarding, hiking, fishing, and doing just about every other outdoor activity. We loved the all wheel drive aspect of our Subarus and the ability to safely get around on and off-road. But while everyone was lowering their cars and “stancing” them out, we decided to lift ours. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much info on how to properly do it at the time. We spent hours online researching what parts to use and how to install everything. So we decided to start Lifted Imports as a platform to help anyone trying to get the most out of their Subaru, Toyota, or any other typically “non-offroad” car.

Ben Boxer, the content manager for Lifted Imports has been driving Subarus for almost two decades and has been lifting Subarus since 2013. He spent a year working for Subaru and then transitioned into the commercial auto parts industry where he gained even more insight into automotive part knowledge while working with some of the best mechanics in the Pacific Northwest.

Ben saw that there was very little info available regarding off-road modifications for all wheel drive vehicles and decided to start Lifted Imports with a couple of friends. Lifted Imports was one of the first off-road Subaru resources available online. We proudly bring exclusive interviews with other Subaru owners, off-road knowledge, and information about vehicle modification to the public for free. If you’re considering modding your car for off-road use, you’re in the right place!

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