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lifted Subaru Ascent modified for offroad

Modify Your Subaru Ascent For The Trails With a Lift Kit

By Ben Boxer

When Subaru announced the return of a 3rd row model to their lineup, enthusiasts couldn’t wait to get their first look at the 2.4 liter turbocharged beast. Almost immediately people began searching for ways to lift their new Ascent and make it even more off-road capable.

Now, there are many great options for owners who want a little extra ground clearance under their Subaru Ascent. Let’s take a look at some of the best options available and I’ll explain the maximum amount of lift you should install.

Here are the top 4 lifts on our list:

1. Anderson Design Fabrication

The guys over at ADF have been making Subaru lift kits for years. The quality of their products is top notch and they offer 2 variations for the Ascent. They have an economy lift kit, and a premium package that includes everything needed for a proper lift.

ADF ascent lift kit for subaru
Economy Lift Kit
Premium Lift Kit W/Multi Link Spacers

ADF helped @ascent.and.explore build the first lifted Subaru Ascent:

The ReadyLift SST kit is one of the most popular lift kits for the Ascent. It comes with strut spacers and includes sway bar extensions. ReadyLift has been in the off-road market for years; and now they have brought their expertise to the Subaru community.

One thing to consider with the ReadyLift option is that it doesn’t include multi link spacers. These spacers are important for correcting rear wheel geometry.

Check out their kits on for the best price:

Subaru Ascent lift kit from ready lift
Photo: Readylift

3. Subtle Solutions Lift Kits

The Subtle Solutions lift kit is made in the USA and is CNC machined. They have a reputation for making superior products. Their spacers are CNC machined from solid T6 billet aluminum to ensure accurate fit.

Each kit contains every possible part for maintaining factory alignment and function, such as sway bar spacers, brake line spacers, spare tire shroud spacers, and trailing bracket spacers.

Check the full specs on their site:

2019 Ascent subaru lift kit subtle solutions
Photo: Subtle Solutions

4. LP Aventure Ascent Lift Kits

LP Aventure is quickly becoming one of the leaders in off-road R&D in the Subaru market. Their kits are designed to maintain the highest safety standards while allowing you to take your Ascent anywhere you need it to go.

Their lift kits are TIG welded with 304 stainless steel, which means they are tough and resistant to corrosion. They also include all parts necessary for returning the suspension geometry to the factory angles.

LP Aventure ascent lift kit on off road tires
Photo: LP Aventure

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