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Plan your offroad build easily

Whether you’re working on an offroad build, a street car build, or any other type of automotive project, this simple Excel sheet has helped me track and control the overall costs throughout the years. Hopefully it helps you determine what mods will fit in your budget without any guesswork too!

This sheet is set up to allow for multiple options to be input and then tested in any combination desired. You can add in a wide range of tire options, wheels, lift kits, and accessories to see how each one will fit into your final budget.

Step 1: Add in the name and price of each potential part or accessory

Step 2: Adding a quantity to any item will trigger it to be added to the total budget. You can then delete the quantity and try another option.

Step 3: There is a section at the bottom for maintenance items. If you are planning to lift your Subaru, it’s the perfect time to anticipate inspecting and replacing any related items.

Step 4: Hit the trails!

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to reach out.

lifted subaru ascent in the snow stuck

Download Your Free Build Budget Sheet