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How I installed a front lip on A 2002 Subaru Outback with basic tools

Most of the mods on this site involve lifted Subarus and going off-road. But some of us have a daily driver to get us around during the week. My current daily is a 2002 Subaru Outback that’s lowered on coilovers. It’s a total pile but tons of fun to drive and has a load of space in it.

I couldn’t find too much info about how to put a lip on it for cheap. So I ordered a WRX lip on Amazon for under $80 bucks and figured I’d just cut it to fit. I know some people have also used lips for an Integra, but I have previously used the S204 V Limited lip on other Subarus. 

While this lip was installed on a 2nd gen Outback, the main idea of this write-up will probably work with many other cars with a flat front bumper. Some people have used this same lip on 1996-1999 Subaru Legacies, Imprezas, and even Hyundai Tiburons.

Parts & Tools Needed:

First step: use clamps to test fit the lip

I had some cheap clamps laying around the garage. I used them to hold the lip into place while I got an idea for how I wanted to begin cutting and attaching it. I reached under the car and clamped the lip to the bumper from the inside.

I used a Dremel tool to begin trimming the lips to fit properly. There are some spots that need to be notched so that the tall part of the lip slides up into the middle of the bumper.

Second step: Start Cutting!

Final Shape After Cutting:

After making the cuts, I re-attached the lip with the clamps to check the fit just to make sure the fit was good. You may need to do some final trimming.

Third step: Re-Check Fitment With Clamps

Fourth step: Start....Screwing (lol)

I put about 9 screws in the lip. I used a drill to install them and I had to lift the car up on a jack to enough room to work comfortably. If your outback is on stock suspension, or lifted, you might not need to raise the car.

Once I had everything installed properly, I trimmed the ends off of the lip to make it flush with the bumper near the front wheels.

Fifth step: Make Final Trims To The Edges

Final Step: Stand Back & Enjoy Your Extra 1000whp With An Adult Beverage (Orange Juice or Similar.)

You did it. You now have a spicy boi Subaru with at least 650AWHP. If you find your reasonably priced grocery getter to be way too fast and uncontrollable with your newly acquired power, you may consider removing this sweet mod. Proceed with caution.

Basic Tools I Use When Working On My Car:

Cordless Drill
Floor Jack
Socket Set
Jack Stands

(In the name of all things holy, please don’t work under your car without jack stands. Seriously.)

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