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The Ultimate Tire Guide For 2013-2018 Toyota Rav4

For years, the Toyota RAV4 has been the SUV of choice for folks who want a dependable, fuel-efficient ride out into the forest and up to the mountain. More recently, the demand for off-road capable suspension and tires has been exploding for the RAV4. One of the most important upgrades you can do for an off-road vehicle is to switch to a beefier all-terrain tire that handles rough roads with ease. Not only are all-terrain tires more capable on rugged surfaces, but they are safer. They will be less prone to punctures and sidewall blowouts.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite all-terrain tires that will fit your RAV4. This should help set you on the right path as you begin your search for the perfect wheel and tire combo for your Toyota.

Stock Tire Size On Most Rav4 Models:

 225/65R17 – 28.5 inch diameter

(Common On LE & XLE Trim)

235/55r18 – 28.18 inch diameter

(Common On Limited Trim Models)

Biggest Tire You Can Fit On Your Rav4:

Biggest size that fits without modification: 245/65/R17 – 29.5 inch diameter

You may be able to fit a larger tire, but it would likely require cutting your vehicle’s wheel arch trim and making small cuts/and or bends to areas inside the wheel well. We do not recommend doing this unless you are a professional.

We always advocate for running as small of a wheel as possible. While you can easily use an 18 or 19 inch wheel, your Rav4 will handle much better off road with a smaller wheel. Having more tire vs. wheel means there will be extra “cushion” between you and the road. It will also add a lot of strength to your tire and help prevent blowouts and sidewall failure.

We have compiled a list of the best all-terrain tires that are available for your Rav4. They are ranked in no particular order and are all great options.

NOTE: There are risks involved with changing the tire size on your RAV4. Staying as close to stock size is the best option for maintaining longevity and and reliability. Please consider these risks before making changes.

Photo: @ap1_jiro on Instagram

What does The 245/65R17 look like on the Rav4?

This is what the 29.5 inch tire looks like on 17’s. We think it looks great and is daily drivable.

Popular Wheel/Tire Combo For Lifted RAV4's

Falken Wildpeak AT Trail

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Method Race Wheels MR502

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