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Lifted subaru wrx 6 inch lift kit

6 Inch Lift Kit on a 2002 Subaru WRX

Noah’s Lifted Bugeye Is Big And Ready For The Trails

"When I Bought It 3 Years Ago, It Wasn't Running."

We saw Noah’s WRX and asked if he’d be willing to tell us a bit about his 2002 Subaru WRX and share the details of his build. He bought it as a non-runner and has since turned it into a unique, Lifted Import.

When we spoke with him, we discussed the details of the 6 inch lift kit, his tire choice, and what was involved in fitting such a large tire on the WRX. Let’s jump in!

Lifted Bugeye WRX Build List:

who built the lift?

Subie Lift OZ built the lift for this WRX. Matt at SLO always makes sure that these lift kits offer everything needed to create a reliable, functional suspension geometry. All the little details that they offer are mind blowing. They even provide the steering extension that’s required when lifting. Check out their website at and contact them if you need a kit. They don’t have all of their kits listed on the site. Call or email them if you don’t see what you need.


The Wheels & Tires:

Bassett Racing steelies with a 3″ inch backspace.

This wheel set up looks fantastic on Subarus and they’re tough. The 3″ backspace allows the tires to be pulled away from the spring perches and give the car an aggressive look.

Want a set? Check them out online:

Federal Couragia MT’s 235/75/15

This tire is aggressive. They’re loud on pavement but they RIP in the dirt, mud, and snow. If you plan to run this tire, be aware that they are heavy and big. They may require extra cutting of your fenders and liners, and are not usually recommended for most people’s daily driving preferences.

What was involved in fitting the bigger tires? Did you have to cut the fenders?

“Yes a lot of trimming and cutting was involved. I still have a lot more to do. I need to sledgehammer the wheel wells some more also.”

When installing Bassett Racing steelies, it’s important to use a 45 degree lug nut. You’ll also want to make sure that you have the tires balanced by a shop that is able to balance lug centric wheels.

We found the 20 pack of AllStar 45 degree lug nuts on Amazon. Buying them in packs of 20 is by far the best deal we’ve found on them.

Get a set here:


Build Progress from day 1:

Bad timing belt & water pump, bad axles, and beat up body panels. Everything got replaced, and the lift process began.

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