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lifted subaru wrx 2013 offroad in snow

Lifted 2013 Subaru WRX: Daily Driving An Offroad Modified Impreza

Kyle’s lifted WRX not only looks great and is a blast to drive to and from work – it also has enough clearance to get to almost any camping spot. This thing has been seen shredding up and down a good handful of the forest service roads in Washington and Oregon. The best part, this lift kit didn’t even cost $200.

Kyle, can you give us a quick rundown on your mod list for the WRX?

“Yes! The mod list is as follows:

I had the lift kit installed at a local shop. I got a screamin a** deal since it was owned by the same company that I worked for. And going through Anderson Design was super legit! I would have done the work myself, but it was easier to just have it installed since they had an alignment rack.”

Fitting 215/60R16 tires on a lifted WRX

“So I was super worried that I was going to need spacers, and have to trim to fit the tires but I didn’tneed to do any trimming! I wish that I would have got some small spacers just for better fitment but I ended up not going with spacers since I could tuck wheels and tire under all 4 corners.”

Was 215/60R16 the biggest tire you could fit on the car?

“I could have gone bigger with tires but I spent so much time on forums trying to find what fits that I just decided to take the safe route and get what I knew would fit.

I could fit an inch bigger tire underneath and I wish I would have but I’m not upset where the car sits now. It’s perfect for some family trips on gravel.”

sparco terra rally wheel on lifted subaru wrx offroad

The WRX before it was lifted:

2013 WRX before lift kit

WRX vs 4Runner

“The WRX is WAY more comfy for long trips than the 4Runner for sure! And it’s nice to be able to smash 85 down the freeway no problem and still able to blast gravel roads! The WRX also gets pretty good gas mileage and is much easier to park in the city. On mellow forest roads, the WRX is much easier to turn around in.”

The 4Runner :

The WRX sees more trail time than most pickups and jeeps:

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